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Relational Goods, Sociability, and Happiness
Becchetti Leonardo, Pelloni Alessandra and Rossetti Fiammetta
CEIS Research Paper

Published in Kyklos : International Review for Social Sciences, Vol.61, n.3, 2008

The role of sociability and relational goods has generally been neglected in the formulation of standard economics textbook preferences. Our findings show that relational goods have significant and positive effects on self declared life satisfaction, net of the impact of other concurring factors. We also document that such effects persist when the equally significant inverse causality nexus is taken into account. This implies that a more intense relational life enhances life satisfaction and, at the same time, happier people have a more lively social life. Finally, we show that gender, age and education matter by showing that the effects of sociability on happiness are stronger for women, older and less educated individuals.

Number: 117

Volume: 6

Issue: 4

Date: 14/07/2008