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The Cooperative Bank Difference Before and After the Global Financial Crisis
Becchetti Leonardo, Ciciretti Rocco and Paolantonio Adriana
CEIS Research Paper

We compare characteristics of the banks’ specialization (cooperative versus non-cooperative) at world level in a time spell including the global financial crisis. Cooperative banks display higher net loans/total assets ratios, lower shares of derivatives over total assets and lower earning volatility than commercial banks. With a diff-in-diff approach we test whether the global financial crisis produced convergence/divergence in these indicators. We finally document that, in a conditional convergence specification, the net loans/total assets ratio is positively and significantly correlated with value added growth in some manufacturing sectors but not in others.

Number: 313

Keywords: bank specialization;value added;global financial crisis

JEL-codes: G21,O40,E44

Volume: 12

Issue: 05

Date: 23/11/2015