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Seasonal Changes in Central England Temperatures Hillebrand Eric and Proietti Tommaso, CEIS Research Paper, 347, June 2015
Experience and Gender Effects in an Acquiring-a-Company Experiment Allowing for Value Messages Di Cagno Daniela, Galliera Arianna, Güth Werner, Pace Noemi and Panaccione Luca, CEIS Research Paper, 346, June 2015
Contract and Procurement Design for PPPs in Highways: the Road Ahead Iossa Elisabetta, CEIS Rsearch paper, 345, June 2015
Generalised partial autocorrelations and the mutual information between past and future Luati Alessandra and Proietti Tommaso, CEIS Research Paper, 344, June 2015
A Hybrid Public Good Experiment Eliciting Multi-Dimensional Choice Data Di Cagno Daniela, Galliera Arianna, Güth Werner and Panaccione Luca, CEIS Research Paper, 343, May 2015
Does Experience Rating Improve Obstetric Practices? Evidence From Geographical Discontinuities in Italy Amaral-garcia Sofia, Bertoli Paola and Grembi Veronica, CEIS Research Paper, 342, April 2015
Education, Health and Subjective Wellbeing in Europe Becchetti Leonardo, Conzo Pierluigi and Pisani Fabio, CEIS Research Paper, 341, April 2015
EuroMInd-D: A Density Estimate of Monthly Gross Domestic Product for the Euro Area Marczak Martyna, Mazzi Gian Luigi and Proietti Tommaso, CEIS Research Paper, 340, April 2015
Using the WACC to Rate a New Project Cacciafesta Fabrizio, CEIS Research Paper, 339, April 2015
Spatial Panel Data Model with error dependence: a Bayesian Separable Covariance Approach Leorato Samantha and Mezzetti Maura, CEIS Research Paper, 338, April 2015