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The CEIS Research Papers Series collects research activities, both by researchers and affiliates of CEIS, and those distributed through the Social Science Research Network - SSRN. Over 8000 world-wide subscribers currently receive an alert every two weeks, which contains three new research papers. To receive this alert you may subscribe to SSRN, which started in February 2003.

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n.458 Paper Found
Joint Custody in the Italian Courts De Blasio Guido and Vuri Daniela, CEIS Research Paper, 284, July 2013
Clustering Macroeconomic Variables Perricone Chiara, CEIS Research Paper, 283, June 2013
Does Promoting School Attendance Reduce Child Labour? Evidence from Burkina Faso’s Bright Project De Hoop Jacobus and Rosati Furio Camillo, CEIS Research Paper, 282, May 2013
Top Marginal Taxation and Economic growth Milasi Santo, CEIS Research Paper, 281, May 2013
Assessing policy reforms for Italy using ITEM and QUESTIII Annicchiarico Barbara, Di Dio Fabio, Felici Francesco and Nucci Francesco, CEIS Research Paper, 280, May 2013
A Note on Money and the Conduct of Monetary Policy Chadha Jagjit S., Corrado Luisa and Holly Sean, CEIS Research Paper, 279, May 2013
Measuring spatial effects in presence of institutional constraints: the case of Italian Local Health Authority expenditure Atella Vincenzo, Belotti Federico, Depalo Domenico and Piano Mortari Andrea, CEIS Research Paper, 278, May 2013
The Generalised Autocovariance Function Luati Alessandra and Proietti Tommaso, CEIS Research Paper, 276, April 2013
Complexity, Specialization and Growth Ferrarini Bruno and Scaramozzino Pasquale, CEIS Research Paper, 275, April 2013