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The CEIS Research Papers Series collects research activities, both by researchers and affiliates of CEIS, and those distributed through the Social Science Research Network - SSRN. Over 8000 world-wide subscribers currently receive an alert every two weeks, which contains three new research papers. To receive this alert you may subscribe to SSRN, which started in February 2003.

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Direct and Indirect Cost of Diabetes in Italy: a Prevalence Probabilistic Approach Marcellusi Andrea, Mecozzi Alessandra, Mennini Francesco Saverio and Viti Raffaella, CEIS Research Paper, 321, August 2014
150 Years of Italian CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth Annicchiarico Barbara, Bennato Anna Rita and Zanetti Chini Emilio, CEIS Research Series, 320, July 2014
Exponential Smoothing, Long Memory and Volatility Prediction Proietti Tommaso, CEIS Research Paper, 319, July 2014
How To Safeguard World Heritage Sites? A Theoretical Model of Becchetti Leonardo, Solferino Nazaria and Tessitore M. Elisabetta, CEIS Research Paper, 318, July 2014
Corruption in PPPs, Incentives and Contract Incompleteness Iossa Elisabetta and Martimort David, CEIS Research Paper, 317, July 2014
A Proof Without Words and a Maximum without Calculus Campioni Eloisa and Panaccione Luca, CEIS Research Paper, 316, August 2014
The causal effect of parents’ schooling on children’s schooling in Europe. A new IV approach Havari Enkelejda and Savegnago Marco, CEIS Research Paper, 315, May 2014
On Competitive Nonlinear Pricing Attar Andrea, Mariotti Thomas and Salanié François, CEIS Research Paper, 314, April 2014
The Cooperative Bank Difference Before and After the Global Financial Crisis Becchetti Leonardo, Ciciretti Rocco and Paolantonio Adriana, CEIS Research Paper, 313, November 2015
Business Fluctuations in Imperial Austria's Regions, 1867-1913: New Evidence Ciccarelli Carlo and Missiaia Anna, CEIS Research Paper, 312, April 2014