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Fiscal Policy and Public Debt Dynamics in Italy, 1861-2009 Piergallini Alessandro and Postigliola Michele, CEIS Research Paper, 248, July 2012
The impact of cost sharing schemes on drug compliance: evidence based on quantile regression Atella Vincenzo and Kopinska Joanna, CEIS Research Paper, 247, July 2012
Low-Wage Jobs – Springboard to High-Paid Ones? Knabe Andreas and Plum Alexander, CEIS Research Paper, 246, July 2012
Models of Speculative Attacks and Crashes in International Capital Markets Marini Giancarlo and Piersanti Giovanni, CEIS Research Paper, 245, July 2012
In-Work Benefits for Married Couples: An Ex-Ante Evaluation of EITC and WTC Policies in Italy De Luca Giuseppe, Rossetti Claudio and Vuri Daniela, CEIS Research Paper, 244, July 2012
What is new in the finance-growth nexus: OTC derivatives, bank assets and growth Becchetti Leonardo and Ciampoli Nicola, CEIS Research Paper, 243, July 2012
Is Financial Fragility a Matter of Illiquidity? An Appraisal for Italian Households Brunetti Marianna, Giarda Elena and Torricelli Costanza, CEIS Research Paper, 242, July 2012
Can Portfolio Diversification increase Systemic Risk? Evidence from the U.S and European Mutual Funds Market Dicembrino Claudio and Scandizzo Pasquale Lucio, CEIS Research Paper, 240, July 2012
Calamity, Aid and Indirect Reciprocity: the Long Run Impact of Tsunami on Altruism Becchetti Leonardo, Castriota Stefano and Conzo Pierluigi, CEIS Research Paper, 239, July 2012