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Height and the normal distribution: Evidence from Italian military data A'hearn Brian, Peracchi Franco and Vecchi Giovanni, CEIS Research Paper, 124, July 2008
Are employers discriminating with respect to weight? European Evidence using Quantile Regression Atella Vincenzo, Pace Noemi and Vuri Daniela, CEIS Research Paper, 123, July 2008
On estimating the conditional expected shortfall Peracchi Franco and Tanase Andrei V., CEIS Research Paper, 122, July 2008
Aid and Corruption: Do Donors Use Development Assistance to Provide the “Right” Incentives? Isopi Alessia and Mattesini Fabrizio, CEIS Research Paper, 121, July 2008
Lump-Sum Taxes in a R&D Model Long Xin, Pelloni Alessandra and Waldmann Robert J., CEIS Research Paper, 120, July 2008
Dual Labour Markets and Matching Frictions Gomes De Menezes Antonio, Sciulli Dario and Vieira José Cabral, CEIS Research Paper, 119, July 2008
Bank shareholding and lending: complementarity or substitution? Some evidence from a panel of large Italian firms! Barucci Emilio and Mattesini Fabrizio, CEIS Research Paper, 118, July 2008
Relational Goods, Sociability, and Happiness Becchetti Leonardo, Pelloni Alessandra and Rossetti Fiammetta, CEIS Research Paper, 117, July 2008
Informal central bank independence: an analysis for three European countries Cobham David, Cosci Stefania and Mattesini Fabrizio, CEIS Research Paper, 116, July 2008
Active and Passive Waste in Government Spending: Evidence from a Policy Experiment Bandiera Oriana, Prat Andrea and Valletti Tommaso M., CEIS Research Paper, 115, July 2008