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Assistant editor: Rocco Ciciretti

The CEIS Research Papers Series collects research activities, both by researchers and affiliates of CEIS, and those distributed through the Social Science Research Network - SSRN. Over 8000 world-wide subscribers currently receive an alert every two weeks, which contains three new research papers. To receive this alert you may subscribe to SSRN, which started in February 2003.

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n.458 Paper Found
Band Spectral Estimation for Signal Extraction Proietti Tommaso, CEIS Research Paper, 104, May 2007
Wealth Effects, the Taylor Rule and the Liquidity Trap Annicchiarico Barbara, Marini Giancarlo and Piergallini Alessandro, CEIS Research Paper, 103, May 2007
The Impact of Vintage on the Persistence of Gross Domestic Product Shocks Macaro Christian, CEIS Research Paper, 101, May 2007
Forecasting Oil Price Movements: Exploiting the Information in the Future Market Coppola Andrea, CEIS Research Paper, 100, March 2007
Polynomial Cointegration between Stationary Processes with Long Memory Avarucci Marco and Marinucci Domenico, CEIS Research Paper, 99, March 2007
New proposals for the quantification of qualitative survey data Frale Cecilia and Proietti Tommaso, CEIS Research Paper, 98, March 2007
A dynamic model for binary panel data with unobserved heterogeneity admitting a Vn-consistent conditional estimator Bartolucci Francesco and Nigro Valentina, CEIS Research Paper, 97, February 2007
Maximum likelihood estimation of an extended latent markov model for clustered binary panel data Bartolucci Francesco and Nigro Valentina, CEIS Research Paper, 96, February 2007
A sample selection model for unit and item nonresponse in cross-sectional surveys De Luca Giuseppe and Peracchi Franco, CEIS Research Paper, 95, February 2007