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Forecasting Volatility with Time-Varying Leverage and Volatility of Volatility Effects Catania Leopoldo and Proietti Tommaso, CEIS Research Paper, 450, February 2019
The Financial Decisions of Immigrant and Native Households: Evidence from Italy Bertocchi Graziella, Brunetti Marianna and Zaiceva Anzelika, CEIS Research Paper, 449, May 2020
How to Set Budget Caps for Competitive Grants De Chiara Alessandro and Iossa Elisabetta, CEIS Research Paper, 448, January 2019
Assessing the Effects of Fiscal Policy News under Imperfect Information: Evidence from Aggregate and Individual Data Corrado Luisa and Silgado - Gómez Edgar, CEIS Research Paper, 447, November 2018
A Behavioral Model of the Credit Cycle Annicchiarico Barbara, Surricchio Silvia and Waldmann Robert J., CEIS Research Paper, 446, October 2018
Forecasting Realized Volatility Measures with Multivariate and Univariate Models: The Case of The US Banking Sector Cubadda Gianluca, Hecq Alain and Riccardo Antonio, CEIS Research Paper, 445, October 2018
Wavelet Analysis for Temporal Disaggregation Perricone Chiara, CEIS Research Paper, 444, October 2018
Ambiguous economic news and heterogeneity: What explains asymmetric consumption responses? Corrado Luisa, Silgado Gómez Edgar, Waldmann Robert J. and Yoo Donghoon, CEIS Research Paper, 443, September 2019
New Technologies and Costs Atella Vincenzo and Kopinska Joanna, CEIS Research Paper, 442, August 2018
On Competing Mechanisms under Exclusive Competition Attar Andrea, Campioni Eloisa and Piaser Gwenael, CEIS Research Paper, 441, August 2018