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Hours Worked in Selected OECD Countries: an Empirical Assessment Atella Vincenzo, Carbonari Lorenzo and Sam Paola, CEIS Research Paper, 412, July 2017
Can the Private Sector Ensure the Public Interest? Evidence from Federal Procurement Giuffrida Leonardo M. and Rovigatti Gabriele, CEIS Research Paper, 411, July 2017
A Durbin-Levinson Regularized Estimator of High Dimensional Autocovariance Matrices Giovannelli Alessandro and Proietti Tommaso, CEIS Research Paper, 410, July 2017
On the Role of Menus in Sequential Contracting: a Multiple Lending Example Attar Andrea, Casamatta Catherine, Chassagnon Arnold and Décamps Jean Paul, CEIS Research Paper, 409, July 2017
Long-run Unemployment and Macroeconomic Volatility Fasani Stefano, CEIS Research Paper, 408, July 2017
“De (Corporate Responsibility) Gustibus Est Misurandum”: Heterogeneity and Consensus Around CR Indicators Becchetti Leonardo, Semplici Lorenzo and Tridente Michele, CEIS Research Paper, 407, July 2017
Unconventional monetary policy: interest rates and low inflation. A review of literature and methods Comunale Mariarosaria and Striaukas Jonas, CEIS Research Paper, 406, May 2017
The future of Long Term Care in Europe. An investigation using a dynamic microsimulation model Atella Vincenzo, Belotti Federico, Carrino Ludovico and Piano Mortari Andrea, CEIS Research Paper, 405, May 2017
Teaching an old dog a new trick: reserve price and unverifiable quality in repeated procurement Albano Gian Luigi, Cesi Berardino and Iozzi Alberto, CEIS Research Paper, 404, May 2017
Private Information and Insurance Rejections: A Comment Attar Andrea, Mariotti Thomas and Salanié François, CEIS Research Paper, 403, May 2017