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The CEIS Research Papers Series collects research activities, both by researchers and affiliates of CEIS, and those distributed through the Social Science Research Network - SSRN. Over 8000 world-wide subscribers currently receive an alert every two weeks, which contains three new research papers. To receive this alert you may subscribe to SSRN, which started in February 2003.

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Environmental Policy and Endogenous Market Structure Annicchiarico Barbara, Correani Luca and Di Dio Fabio, CEIS Research Paper, 384, June 2016
Testing for Heterogeneity of Preferences in Randomized Experiments: A Satisfaction-Based Approach Applied to Multiplayer Prisoners’ Dilemmas Becchetti Leonardo, Pelligra Vittorio and Salustri Francesco, CEIS Research Paper, 383, June 2016
Public Health Insurance and Household Portfolio Choices: Unraveling Financial “Side Effects” of Medicare Angrisani Marco, Atella Vincenzo and Brunetti Marianna, CEIS Research Paper, 382, February 2017
A Spatial Diffusion Model with Common Factors and an Application to Cigarette Consumption Ciccarelli Carlo and Elhorst J. Paul, CEIS Research Paper, 381, May 2016
Joint Custody Laws and Mother's Welfare: Evidence from the US Vuri Daniela, CEIS Research Paper, 380, May 2016
The Effect of Local Taxes on Firm Performance: Evidence from Geo-referenced Data Belotti Federico, Di Porto Edoardo and Santoni Gianluca, CEIS Research Paper, 377, April 2016
Innovation, Growth and Optimal Monetary Policy Annicchiarico Barbara and Pelloni Alessandra, CEIS Research Paper, 376, April 2016
Dynamic Spatial Autoregressive Models with Autoregressive and Heteroskedastic Disturbances Billé Anna Gloria and Catania Leopoldo, CEIS Research Paper, 375, March 2016