CEIS Working Papers «Old Series»




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Aid and Corruption: Do Donors Use Development Assistance to Provide the Right Incentives? Isopi Alessia and Mattesini Fabrizio, CEIS Working Papers, 266, January 2008
“Macroeconomic returns" to schooling: the effects of education on inflation Becchetti Leonardo and Delle Chiaie Simona, CEIS Working Papers, 265, January 2008
Measuring the warm glow: players’ behaviour self declared happiness in trust game experiments Becchetti Leonardo and Degli Antoni Giacomo, CEIS Working Papers, 263, December 2007
Human capital, externalities and tourism: three unexplored sides of the impact of FT affiliation on primary producers Becchetti Leonardo, Costantino Marco and Portale Elisa, CEIS Working Papers, 262, December 2007
Consumerism and environment: does consumption behaviour affect environmental quality? Orecchia Carlo and Zoppoli Pietro, CEIS Working Papers, 261, November 2007
Far Away From A Skill-Biased Change:Falling Educational Wage Premia In Italy Naticchioni Paolo, Ricci Andrea and Rustichelli Emiliano, CEIS Working Papers, 260, October 2007
Does money affect happiness and self-esteem? The poor borrowers’ perspective in a natural experiment Becchetti Leonardo and Castriota Stefano, CEIS Working Papers, 259, October 2007
Fall and recovery. Disruption and catching up effects aftertsunami on a sample of MFI borrowers. Becchetti Leonardo and Castriota Stefano, CEIS Working Papers, 258, October 2007
A Multidimensional Poverty Analysis. Evidence from Italian Data Coromaldi Manuela and Zoli Mariangela, CEIS Working Papers, 257, October 2007