Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations

LABOUR provides a forum for analysis and debate on issues concerning labour economics and industrial relations. The Journal publishes high quality contributions which combine economic theory and statistical methodology in order to analyse behaviour, institutions and policies relevant to the labour market.



LABOUR Lectures

Every year, LABOUR organizes a set of “LABOUR Lectures”, aimed at graduate students and young researchers. These Lectures are offered by outstanding researchers in the field and are meant to provide a broad overview of lines of research that are important to labor economists. LABOUR Lecturers are listed below.


Year 2012

· Charles F. Manski (Northwestern University), March 20 and 22: "Public Policy in an Uncertain World: Analysis and Decisions"
·Joshua Angrist (MIT), June 18-20: "Empirical Strategies: IV and RD go to school"

Year 2011

· Jeffrey M. Wooldridge (Michigan State University), 18-19 October: "Topics in Microeconometrics"
· Joseph Altonji (Yale University), 8-11 March: "Selection on Observables and Bias from Unobservables: With Applications to the School Choice Literature"

Year 2010

· Janet Currie (Columbia University), March 22-26: “The Early Life Environment”
· Anne Case (Princeton University), May 31 – June 3: “A discussion of techniques and issues in Development Economics”
· Joshua Angrist (MIT), June 14-16: "Empirical Strategies in Labor Economics, part II"

 Year 2009

· Joshua Angrist (MIT), March 23-26: "Empirical Strategies in Labor Economics"
· Costas Meghir (University College London), December 1-4: "The Economics and Econometrics of Public Policy Evaluation".

Year 2008

· Stephen Pudney (University of Essex), April 10-15: “Survey response error”
· Arthur van Soest (Tilburg University), May 19-21: “Applications of Panel Data Models”

Year 2007

· Martin Browning (University of Oxford), March 27-29: “Collective models”
· Christopher Flinn (New York University), June 12-15: “Minimum Wage Models”
· Zvi Eckstein (University of Minnesota and University of Tel Aviv), December 5-7: “Applied dynamic programming and search models”

Year 2006

· Jean-Marc Robin (University of Paris I), April 19-20: “Empirical Search Models”

Year 2005

· Richard Blundell (University College London), March 24-25: “Current Issues in Micro-Econometrics”
· Charles Manski (Northwestern University), May 18-19: “Current Issues in Measuring Expectations”