Summer School

SUMMER SCHOOL 2010- II° edition
Rome, 5-16 July 2010


The Summer School is part of the International Master’s Program in the Economics of Culture: Policy, Government and Management of CEIS (Centre for Economic and International Studies of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”) in cooperation with BAICR (Consortium of Cultural Institutions).


The event is a ten days intensive course designed for graduate students and professionals interested in the Economics and Management of Culture and related issues. All courses are taught by instructors from the Master’s Program and include seminars and lectures from experts and speakers invited for ad hoc interventions.
The program is designed to provide the audience with both a global view of the "cultural system" and specific disciplinary insights from management to product design on organization of cultural activities. Participants will have the chance to gain understanding, skills and useful instruments of analysis and to enjoy the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge, exchange information, share opinions and discuss good practices. Classes include thematic modules related to Tourism, Entertainment, Heritage, Technology, Art.


Classes include 3 thematic modules:


  • The Economics of Cultural Goods (P. L. Scandizzo) - July 5,6 and 7, 2010
  • Management of Culture (A. Hinna) - July 9,12 and 13, 2010
  • Marketing and Communication (F. Severino) - July 14, 15 and 16, 2010


Please to complete the application form
and to send a CV at:


Applications will be accepted, up until the deadline on June, 26th and assessed upon receipt. Successful candidates will be informed by email of their acceptance into the course.
Registration will be confirmed upon payment of the registration fee of € 500.