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The Future of the Elderly Population Health Status: Filling a Knowledge Gap Atella Vincenzo, Belotti Federico, Daejung Kim, Goldman Dana, Gracner Tadeja, Piano Mortari Andrea and Tysinger Bryan, CEIS Research Paper, 504, December 2020
Procuring Medical Devices: Evidence from Italian Public Tenders Atella Vincenzo and Decarolis Francesco, CEIS Research Paper, 472, October 2019
Disentangling Tax Evasion from Inefficiency in Firms Tax Declaration: an Integrated Approach Atella Vincenzo, Campagna Arianna and Ferrara Giancarlo, CEIS Research Paper, 468, September 2019
When Particulate Matter Strikes Cities: Social Disparities and Health Costs of Air Pollution Giaccherini Matilde, Kopinska Joanna and Palma Alessandro, CEIS Research Paper, 467, August 2020
Technological Progress and Health Convergence: The Case of Penicillin in Post-War Italy Alsan Marcella, Atella Vincenzo, Bhattacharya Jay, Conti Valentina, Mejìa-guevara Ivan and Miller Grant, CEIS Research Paper, 465, July 2019
Air Pollution During Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes in Italy Palma Alessandro, Petrunyk Inna and Vuri Daniela, CEIS Research Paper, 464, September 2019
New Technologies and Costs Atella Vincenzo and Kopinska Joanna, CEIS Research Paper, 442, August 2018
Health Status and the Great Recession. Evidence from Electronic Health Records Belotti Federico, Kopinska Joanna, Palma Alessandro and Piano Mortari Andrea, CEIS Research Paper, 425, December 2020
Against All Odds: The Contribution of the Healthcare Sector to Productivity. Evidence from Italy and UK from 2004 to 2011 Atella Vincenzo, Belotti Federico, Bojke Chris, Castelli Adriana, Grašič Katja, Kopinska Joanna, Piano Mortari Andrea and Street Andrew, CEIS Research Paper, 418, December 2017
The future of Long Term Care in Europe. An investigation using a dynamic microsimulation model Atella Vincenzo, Belotti Federico, Carrino Ludovico and Piano Mortari Andrea, CEIS Research Paper, 405, May 2017