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We Can Be Heroes. Trust and Resilience in Corrupted Economic Environments Becchetti Leonardo, Corazzini Luca and Pelligra Vittorio, CEIS Research Paper, 429, April 2018
Nudging and environmental corporate responsibility: A natural experiment Becchetti Leonardo, Salustri Francesco and Scaramozzino Pasquale, CEIS Research Paper, 426, April 2018
The Price of Taste for Socially Responsible Investment Ciciretti Rocco, Dalò Ambrogio and Dam Lammertjan, CEIS Research Paper, 413, August 2017
“De (Corporate Responsibility) Gustibus Est Misurandum”: Heterogeneity and Consensus Around CR Indicators Becchetti Leonardo, Semplici Lorenzo and Tridente Michele, CEIS Research Paper, 407, July 2017
The Impact of Cash Mobs in the Vote with the Wallet Game: Experimental Results. Becchetti Leonardo, Fiaschetti Maurizio and Salustri Francesco, CEIS Research Paper, 401, April 2017
Mind the Gap: Identifying Latent Objective and Subjective Multi-dimensional Indices of Well-Being Corrado Luisa and De Michele Giuseppe, CEIS Research Paper, 386, June 2016
Fishing the Corporate Social Responsibility Risk Factors Becchetti Leonardo, Ciciretti Rocco and Dalò Ambrogio, CEIS Research Paper, 368, February 2017
The (W)Health of Nations: The Impact of Health Expenditure on the Number of Chronic Diseases Becchetti Leonardo, Conzo Pierluigi and Salustri Francesco, CEIS Research Paper , 348, June 2015
Education, Health and Subjective Wellbeing in Europe Becchetti Leonardo, Conzo Pierluigi and Pisani Fabio, CEIS Research Paper, 341, April 2015
Not Feeling Well… (True or Exhaggerated ?) Health (un)Satisfaction as a Leading Health Indicator Bachelet Maria, Becchetti Leonardo and Ricciardini Fabiola, CEIS Research paper, 336, April 2015