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Bribes, Lobbying and Industrial Structure Cerqueti Roy, Coppier Raffaella and Piga Gustavo, CEIS Research Paper, 511, March 2021
Congestion and Incentives in the Age of Driverless Cars Boffa Federico, Fedele Alessandro and Iozzi Alberto, CEIS Research Paper, 484, May 2020
How to Set Budget Caps for Competitive Grants De Chiara Alessandro and Iossa Elisabetta, CEIS Research Paper, 448, January 2019
Can the Private Sector Ensure the Public Interest? Evidence from Federal Procurement Giuffrida Leonardo M. and Rovigatti Gabriele, CEIS Research Paper, 411, July 2017
Teaching an old dog a new trick: reserve price and unverifiable quality in repeated procurement Albano Gian Luigi, Cesi Berardino and Iozzi Alberto, CEIS Research Paper, 404, May 2017
Maintaining Competition in Recurrent Procurement Contracts: A case study on the London Bus Market Iossa Elisabetta and Waterson Michael, CEIS Research Paper, 400, February 2017
The Value of Personal Information in Markets with Endogenous Privacy Montes Rodrigo, Sand-zantman Wilfried and Valletti Tommaso M., CEIS Research Paper, 352, August 2015
Contract and Procurement Design for PPPs in Highways: the Road Ahead Iossa Elisabetta, CEIS Rsearch paper, 345, June 2015
Platform pricing and consumer foresight: The case of airports Flores-fillol Ricardo, Iozzi Alberto and Valletti Tommaso M., CEIS Research Paper , 335, March 2015
Unbundling the incumbent: Evidence from UK broadband Nardotto Mattia, Valletti Tommaso M. and Verboven Frank, CEIS Research Paper, 331, October 2014