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Early Treatment in HCV: Is It a Cost-effective Option from the Italian Perspective? Cammà Calogero, Damele Francesco, Marcellusi Andrea, Mennini Francesco Saverio, Taliani Gloria and Viti Raffaella, CEIS Research Paper, 370, March 2016
Treatment Plan Comparison in Obstructive Respiratory Disorders: an Observational Study of Doxofylline vs. Theophylline in the Marche Region Caputi Achille Patrizio, Marcellusi Andrea, Marcobelli Alberico, Mennini Francesco Saverio, Russo Alessandra and Sciattella Paolo, CEIS Research Paper, 356, October 2015
Direct and Indirect Cost of Diabetes in Italy: a Prevalence Probabilistic Approach Marcellusi Andrea, Mecozzi Alessandra, Mennini Francesco Saverio and Viti Raffaella, CEIS Research Paper, 321, August 2014
Health Policy Model: Long-term Predictive Results Associated With The Management Of HCV-Induced Diseases In Italy Andreoni Massimo, Craxì Antonio, Gasbarrini Antonio, Marcellusi Andrea, Mennini Francesco Saverio and Salomone Salvatore, CEIS Research Paper, 308, February 2014
Cost of Poor Adherence to Anti-Hypertensive Therapy in Europe Graf Von Der Schulenburg J.matthias, Gray Alastair, Levy Pierre L., Maggioni Aldo, Marcellusi Andrea, Mennini Francesco Saverio, Schmieder Roland.e., Sciattella Paolo, Soro Marco, Staffiero Gianandrea and Zeidler Jan, CEIS Research Paper, 299, December 2013
Economic effects of treatment of chronic kidney disease with low-protein diet Fouque Denis, Marcellusi Andrea, Mennini Francesco Saverio, Quintaliani Giuseppe and Russo Simone, CEIS Research Paper, 292, October 2013