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XII International Tor Vergata Conference on Banking and Finance

Scientific Committee:

Michele Bagella, Leonardo Becchetti, Iftekhar Hasan, Gerald P. Dwyer Jr., James Lothian,

Luigi Paganetto, Anthony Santomero, Giorgio Szego, Paul Wachtel

Monies, Markets and Banks: Liberalisation versus Regulation


The CEIS - Osservatorio sugli intermediari e la Finanza Internazionale della Università di Roma“Tor Vergata” - will organize the 12th International Tor Vergata Conference on Banking and Finance in December 9-11 2003, to be held in the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Faculty of Economics.

Contributions on the following fields are welcome:

  1. Regulation, financial institutions and capital markets.
  2. Corporate governance and growth
  3. European financial markets after EURO
  4. Credit Risk and banking responsibility
  5. Monetary policy, asset pricing and stock markets
  6. Finance, ethics and corporate social responsibility
  7. Electricity and Financial Market
  8. Open session for young economists

Conference papers will be considered for publication in the Journal of International Money and Finance (JIMF), in the Journal of Banking and Finance (JBF), in Research in Banking and Finance (RBF), in Rivista di Politica Economica and in BANCARIA following normal publications procedures of respective journals. Interested scholars should send three copies of their paper by September 13, 2003 to Professor Bagella, Ref: XII International Tor Vergata Financial Conference An electronic copy of the paper - in either pdf or MS Word – is preferred. Authors should send the completed papers (or detailed abstract) to any of the committee members but must send a copy to Professor Bagella (bagella@uniroma2.it).

Prof. Michele Bagella
Facoltà di Economia
Dipartimento Economia e Istituzioni
University of Rome Tor Vergata
Via di Tor Vergata snc , 00133, ROMA
Tel: 39 6 72595720 Fax:39 6 2020500
E-Mail: bagella@uniroma2.it


Prof. Iftekhar Hasan
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Prof. James Lothian
Fordham University

Prof. Giorgio Szego
University of Rome La Sapienza

Submission should be accompanied by a letter reporting full address (including fax and telephone number and an e-mail address).